The Bad Boy Spectrum

Today, I had a fan request. She wanted me to rank my male characters from Baddest Boy to Nicest Guy. It took more thought than I imagined it would, but since I can’t say no to a fan, here is the list, from nicest to baddest.

Hunter's NightJosh (The Hunter’s Night)

A real match in a man who can be with a strong woman, without needing to minimize her. He truly sees himself as half of a couple, and he knows how to trust. Little wonder he earned the heart of one of the hardest people on earth.

The beloved's biteAndrew (The Beloved’s Bite, The Beloved’s Legacy)

A true love, and a true equal to Lilly. It’s a shame he has to die (see below) for the books to move on. Still, he has some selfish moments, but whose perfect? We’re only human….

Except for those of us who aren’t.

a9e7bec7836b47e56d0d352b0a03b03ed26f6f8cErdan (The Alchemist’s Memory, The Alchemist’s Secret)

Sure he betrays a few people, but always with a valid good reason, and always in service of protecting the life of a certain special other.

The Beta and The OmegaBrayson (The Beta and The Omega, Heart’s Beat, She’s Your What?)

On one hand he’s kind, he’s sweet and he lets Keely take her time. He really gets to know his lady-love and he never puts the pressure on to mate.

On the other, he wasn’t exactly forthright about things, and he didn’t mind doing a little dirty to get around the competition.

Hunter's NightCarter (The Hunter’s Night)

He loves his mate, and his mistakes are mostly in the past… mostly.

For being about to work with his enemies for her sake, he gains a spot on the top half of this list. Forgiveness isn’t easy.

The Beta and The OmegaMike (The Beta and The Omega)

He lied. It was stupid and he was willing to betray someone he cared about in a split second bad choice. Or maybe he was just willing to go for what we wanted, no regrets? You decide.

Is my Mate a robotHarry (Is My Mate A Robot?)

On one hand he’s willing to take what’s not his.

On the other, he’s just respecting her wishes. What less could you do for love?

Shes Your WhatDamon (Heart’s Beat, She’s You’re What?)

Turning your human mate into a werewolf. A good idea, but an awful execution. Eventually, he gets the lesson, but it takes some time for that stubborn streak to work its way out.

Fur Fangs and SecretsCole (Fur, Fangs and Secrets)

Kidnapping is a crime. No matter how nice you are about it and if your mate does not choose you… then the gentlemanly thing to do is to let it go.

Luna in The DarkMarcus Duprey (Luna in The Dark – not the same Marcus Below)

Yup, kidnapping is still a crime.

And keeping a girl from her family is uncool.

But it gets worse.

Is my Mate a robotTrey (Is My Mate a Robot?)

He breaks his mate just to have her. I can’t tell you more without a spoiler alert, so I won’t. Lets just say the story ends in a very dark place.

He’s above Marcus only marginally, because everyone survives him.

The beloved's LegacyMarcus (The Beloved’s Bite, The Beloved’s Legacy, The Beloved’s Endgame)

Because they’re getting what you want, and doing whatever it takes to get what you want. Murder? Lies? Manipulation? Murder again? All worth it if he can have Lilly.

61394594795ab9a48a552dfbde62bb22405b618aDrew (The Alchemist’s Memory, The Alchemist’s Secret)

The only thing worse than a murder? Quite possibly when you’re willing to throw everyone into upheaval to have what you want. Plus, there is a creepy factor here when it comes to a certain interest. Making an alchemist skin crawl is hard, but he manages it.

The beloved's endgameLeander (The Beloved’s Endgame)

You don’t become the king of the vampires for no reason. Since the book is as yet completely unpublished I can’t tell you anymore yet.

But bloody would be a good word.

So that’s the list. Best to worse in my eyes. If you disagree, I’d love to hear from you about it.


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