Character Interview: Keely

The Beta and The OmegaAuthor: Hi everyone. I’m excited to introduce you to a fan favorite, from The Beta and The Omega… Keely.

Keely: Hi everyone

Author: Oh, and I forgot about Heart’s Beat

Keely: You’re right. You did forget. But that’s OK.

Author: So lets get down to it. What’s your favorite part of the story?

Keely: Brayson

Author: (chuckles) I should have seen that one coming. He is a fan favorite too. Lots of readers like Brayson.

Keely: As long as they like from afar.

Author: I think you’re OK on that front.

Keely: Can I ask you a question?

Author: Sure

Keely: Why did you put Angel in the stories? She was really unplesant to deal with.

Author: Well without her the story would be boring.

Keely: Boring?

Heart's BeatAuthor: Yeah, for the readers. No one wants a story with no conflict. It needed a villian.

Keely: I don’t think I agree.

Author: OK. Let me tell you another story. A girl and guy meet in college. They’re friends for six months. Then they date for eight years, go to grad school, and get happily married. They stay married for years and…

Keely: and…

Author: And nothing. That’s the story.

Keely: That was…

Author: Completely unsatisifying right? Not lets add a bad guy. A girl whose tricked the boy into thinking he should date her, just to spite our leading lady. The boy has to figure out which choice is right. It all comes down to one very important night, who will he go with?

Keely: Wait so who does he choose?

Author: See, a much better story. That’s why you needed Angel.

Keely: OK. I get it now. But I still don’t like her. And she’s out there you know. With the vampire. He didn’t even have the guts to show up for his own war.

Author: Yeah I’m writing a short story for them right now. I’m hoping to have it up in a few months. But don’t tell the readers. It’s top secret.

Keely: (motions with thumb to listening readers) Too late.

Author: Oh. Pretend you didn’t hear that. All of you. I think that’s all the time we have for today. Hopefully Keely we can have you back when we do the follow up interviews at the end of Hunter’s Night.

Keely: Yeah, I need to talk to about that sample. Is Brayson going to go with me or not? You left me hanging.

Author: You’ll see. When everyone else does. Goodbye all.

Keely: (growling lightly in frustration)

Author: Relax. In the end it will…..

* interview fades out


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