Appia (Look Book)

Appia (Character Look)

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Lilly (Look Book)

Lilly (Character Look) - The Beloved's Bite


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Cover Pinboard

I finally managed to get back on my Pinterest account. If you want to see all of my covers, I made board for them.

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I also plan on posting some new book related images soon. So check back once and a while for updates.


An End to The Beloved’s

The beloved's endgameToday I am pleased, and sad to say that the adventures of Lilly and Marcus are over. Less than an hour ago I finished the trilogy. The Beloved’s Endgame is over, and that brings us to the end.

I know some readers will be disappointed, but I really felt like this was the resolution for now. It was just the natural outcome of the events.

I hope you’ll all read it, and let me know what you think.

And since there is always a fan who asks… yes, I could expand it in theory, and you will see a lot of these people back… outside the trilogy in the master work that will tie in the whole world.

Character Interview: Marcus

The beloved's biteSlightly Unsettled Author (SUA) : Hello everyone and thank you for coming to this interview session. I’ll be talking to Marcus, whom some of you might recall from The Beloved’s Bite and The Beloved’s Legacy.

Marcus: And The Beloved’s Endgame (slight sinister edge to his tone) I can’t wait to see how that one turns out. I mean after all I’ve been through I really should get what I want.

SUA: Right. So for those of you who don’t know, Marcus is a vampire. What’s that like Marcus?

Marcus: Invigorating. And there are some other nice perks.

SUA: Perks?

Marcus: Immortality. Immunity to illness. The ability to make another trust you even when they probably shouldn’t. Beloved’s.

The beloved's LegacySUA:  Yes, that does sound like a nice package. But your life hasn’t always been easy. Do you want to tell us a little about your past?

Marcus: I’d rather talk about my current troubles if you don’t mind. I have a proposition for you that I think may suit us both very well.

SUA: What kind of a proposition?

Marcus: Wordsmiths are notoriously ill paid in a society that doesn’t value their work.

SUA: You didn’t have to tell me that.

Marcus: I am rather wealthy. I was wondering if we couldn’t come to some kind of a mutually beneficial arrangement.

SUA: Mutually beneficial arrangement. You mean you want to bribe me?

Marcus: Not bribe. It’s more like a retainer. I’ll give you a modest down payment now as a show of good faith. Then when you’ve written our happily ever after, when all of the competition is gone, you’d get the rest.

SUA: Not so confident in yourself this time around?

Marcus: You put me up against the ki…

SUA: Marcus!  I don’t really know if I want you giving away any spoilers. The fan’s hate that. They like to….

Marcus: If they didn’t read that’s their fault. I have a question for you, and I want your full attention when I ask it (bear’s fangs). Can you give me that?

SUA: (nods yes)

Marcus: Good. I want to know why I keep getting screwed over? Why can’t I just ever be happy with Lilly? Why do you hate me so?

SUA: (quietly) That was three questions.

Marcus: …………………

SUA: Um. Yeah, so. You just getting to meet and live happily ever after isn’t a good story. No one wants to read that.

The beloved's endgameMarcus: It’s my life!

SUA: It’s a story too. And what makes you think that you deserve to live happily ever after? You’re not exactly a nice guy. Lilly deserves better. She had better and you killed him. Twice. I gave you a perfectly good chance…

Marcus: (cutting author off) To lose her. To have to share for all eternity. That’s hardly a chance. (Fang’s now protruding fully, Marcus is hunched in an aggressive posture) When she lost her memory I was so happy that we had a fresh start and you went and messed it up!

SUA: A chance to prove to her that you’d changed. And you didn’t. You did exactly the same thing again. She needed her memory to be complete and your lying to her wasn’t helping anything.

Marcus: (quietly) I did what I had to.

SUA: Don’t sound too sure about that right now. I bet you’re starting to wonder if you can really make her happy. Can you be what she needs?

Marcus: And the new guy, you think his maj…

SUA: (cutting off) No spoilers, no names no titles.

Marcus: (sadly) You think he’s better for her?

SUA: I don’t know yet. There’s a lot left to come. Hunters and werewolves to deal with. He puts her into the line of fire pretty much automatically. Honestly, you both still have a chance right now.

Marcus: I do? I’ll get rid of him and we’ll have a chance to start over.

SUA: You really can’t be taught. This interview is over. You’re on your own.

The Bad Girl Spectrum

Some of you may recall my recent fan request for a Bad Boy Spectrum, and I got to thinking… why should the ladies be left out of the fun? So today I am going to attempt to give you the ladies from best to worst.

The Beta and The OmegaKeely (The Beta and The Omega ,Heart Beats, She’s Your What?)

You really don’t get any nicer than Keely. Sometimes she’s too nice, even to people who don’t deserve her. Thankfully she’s got just the right amount of backbone stand up for herself when she need to.

Is my Mate a robotAmy (Is My Mate A Robot?)

A total marshmallow… and just a little bit sneaky.

She mostly thinks she is doing the right thing.  Or at least what she thinks is the right thing.

Luna in The DarkAnna (Luna in The Dark)

Stuck between the rock and the hard place she’s trying to do right by everyone.

But sometimes you just can’t.

Sometimes you have to make yourself happy.

The beloved's LegacyLilly (The Beloved’s Bite, The Beloved’s Legacy,The Beloved’s Endgame)

A vampire who has never tasted human blood, and for some reason no matter how much she goes though she’s generally trusting. Though she does sometimes try to play both ends off the middle, it’s usually for a good goal.

Shes Your WhatTracy (She’s Your What?)

She sharp, and she knows when to keep her mouth shut. Though not being big of forgiveness is a serious issue for her.

The beloved's endgameAppia (The Beloved’s Bite, The Beloved’s Legacy,The Beloved’s Endgame)

Just because you can’t do something yet does not mean you don’t want to. She pays attention and she can be extremely insightful about the minds of others. When she decides to use that to her advantage… watch out.

Fur Fangs and SecretsZoey (Fur, Fangs and Secrets)

There is something to be said for being a really, really good liar. It takes time and Zoey has had plenty of that.

Is my Mate a robotHannah (Is My Mate A Robot?)

Another veteran liar, but it can be hard to blame someone who has no ability to grasp emotion for responding to a sudden influx of feeling. But hey… that’s having an Alpha mate for you.

The beloved's endgameJuliana (The Beloved’s Endgame)

If love is all you need the Juliana has too much of what she needs. Since a direct confrontation won’t help yet she’ll do everything she can to get her way. Other people are handy tools after all.

Heart's BeatAngel (The Beta and The Omega ,Heart Beats, She’s Your What?)

She a manipulative man stealer who is willing to get between true mates to get what she wants.

Oh and lets not forget, she’s the cause of a war.


Callia (The Alchemist’s Memory, The Alchemist’s Secret)

Revenge has its rightful place in this world. While she does bad things… she has a good reason. Well… most of the time.

Hunter's NightCassidy (Hunter’s Night)

Her personal sense of morality aside, she does kill people for a living.

The beloved's LegacyLivia ( The Beloved’s Legacy)

What’s a little murder…. as long as you’re getting your way.

New Story Alert: The Beloved’s Endgame

The beloved's endgameYou got the first clue about this book on my Bad Boy Spectrum post a few days ago. Or maybe, if you were really paying attention, when I was talking about possibly writing a third story in a series.

Anyway, I decided to do the final book in The Beloved’s Bite series. It’s called The Beloved’s Endgame, and I hope fans of the series, new and old, love it! It introduces a few new people from the world and a few new interesting conflicts.

You can find it here.The cover art is  on the left. I’m not sure if you can see the shadow heart in the background… it’s kind of a spoiler.