My Books

The Beta and The Omega

The Beta and The OmegaOmega’s can’t sense their mates. Beta’s can. What happens when the first Beta is mated to an Omega who thinks she’s only there to be his assistant? Find it on Wattpad.

Hearts Beat

BHeart's Beatrayson and Keely have been mated for a while and they’re just starting to feel settled into their lives. No good thing can last. A visiting Alpha who found his unwilling mate in their Theta female, vampires with a vendetta and a few new additions to the family will push them to see just how much they can handle.Find it on Wattpad.

She’s Your What?

It’Shes Your Whats not exactly love at first sight for Tracy and Damon. He’s a rogue  with ambition, she’s a very frightened human. She gets away and finds a  new home. She’s settled in with “her kind”… until an unhappy (and angry) part of her  past shows up. Find it on Wattpad.

Is My Mate A Robot?

Is my Mate a robotBeing mated to a human is hard enough, but one who can’t feel anything at all is impossible.  Trey and Hannah are meant to be, but convincing her of it may be the most difficult thing he’s ever done. Throw in a rogue ex-boyfriend and things get even worse. Will Trey ever get to his Luna’s heart? Find it on Wattpad.

Fur, Fangs And Secrets

Fur Fangs and SecretsWhen Alpha Cole Martin takes his mate from the middle of a public park, he expected some complications.
He didn’t expect her to have a few secrets of her own.

Find it in the following formats: .epub, .mobi (for Kindle readers), PDF, RTF and many other file formats here. You can sample the first 20% of the book here, or find sample chapters on Wattpad.

The Hunter’s Night (WIP)

Hunter's Night

Take one werewolf hunter, bent of revenge, and throw in an Alpha. Cassidy Yeats and Carter Jays have nothing in common, except the mate bond.  When choice separates them, fate will bring them back together under the most unlikely of circumstances: As allies. Find it on Wattpad.

Luna in The Dark

Luna in The DarkWaking up in the bed of your Alpha mate is disorienting, especially for a wolf whose never met another of her kind before. Torn between the man her wolf calls to and the vampire who raised her, Anna has a big choice to make.

Find it for Kindle, Nook, PDF, RTF and many other file formats here.  A sample is published on Wattpad.

The Mate book

The MatebookLiving in a werewolf controlled community is tough enough… but then everyone s rounded up for photographs.

As the confusion wears off… the disappearances set in. Follow Jamie as she figures out what is going on, and what the heck a mate book is.

The Beloved’s BiTe

The beloved's biteIt was love at first site….

….for one of them.  Now only a wall divides them, but it may as well be a country.

Find it on Wattpad.

The Beloved’s Legacy

The beloved's Legacy

When Marcus got Lilly back he thought everything would be better. Safely inside the home of his sire should be the perfect place to court her. Complications arise and as love starts to bloom, a bad decision is coming back to haunt him, with his sire. Now Lilly’s legacy is coming back, and she’ll have a choice. Find it on Wattpad.

The Beloved’s Endgame

The beloved's endgame

Finally at happily ever after, Lilly and Marcus find themselves the center of unwanted attention. Life in the vampire court brings a new challenge, and a new suitor.

Find it on Wattpad.

The Alchemists Memory

61394594795ab9a48a552dfbde62bb22405b618aCallia has been uncommonly lucky and uncommonly unlucky. Since waking up with no memory of who she truly is her life has been calm and peaceful, but the urge to know who she is, and to find out the meaning behind the mysterious items in the bag found with her when she awoke. A trip to see a clerical healer, who she hopes will be able to give her a clue to her past…

Find it on:

iPad/ iTouch/ iPhone
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Sony eReader

The Alchemist’s Secret

a9e7bec7836b47e56d0d352b0a03b03ed26f6f8cThe second book in the The Alchemist’s Memory series. The Alchemist’s Secret continues the tale of Callia’s choices and the impact on her kingdom. When a group of unlikely allies show up the whole game changes for the new monarchs of the land. Alliances are formed, one secret dies and a new secret grows, one that just might cost Callia and Erdan their lives if they can’t keep it hidden.

Find it on:

Sony eReaders
iPad/ iTouch/ iPhone
Nook (All Versions)


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